Jeanne – we want to thank you for adding so much to our special day! Our first look was such an amazing experience that you were able to capture thanks to your ideas, creativity, and innovation. We are so impressed with your vision. We are blown away and pleased with the way the photographs from our wedding came out. Every one is better than the previous, if that is even possible! Kevin and I had a perfect day and you contributed so much to that. Thank you for working with our family multiple times. We have all always had wonderful experiences with you. You are very professional and super talented, but at the same time, extremely laid-back and so easy to work with. What an excellent blend in a photographer because we knew we could rely on you and you made us feel so comfortable! Thanks again for everything!! You come highly recommended by the Connington’s, DeSalvo’s & now Minter’s!
Nicole Minter

Jeanne was such an important part of our wedding day. She not only captured the pictures of the day but also captured the feelings. The special moments that you may not see the day of are ever so clear in the photos. Words can not express the thanks & gratitude I feel for Jeanne. She has become our family’s only choice for all our photography needs. We are now coming up on our 10 year anniversary & she has done my kids portraits, family shots & my parents 50th anniversary party. Doesn’t get any better then Jeanne Paradise King Photography!!!!
Michele Tracey

Jeanne captured every amazing moment of our day. Jeanne is amazing! She is so wonderful to work with, and captured so many perfect shots of the day. I would recommend Jeanne to everyone looking for a wedding photographer. She took great posed pics, and got some GREAT candid shots.
Kara Alberse

Jeanne Paradise King took the most amazing photos of my newborn. She captured the special bond between a mother and daughter which I will cherish forever. Jeanne has an innate ability to take photos that never look staged. She is incredibly talented and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Jeanne for all your photography needs!
Lauren Oplinger

Jeanne has been taking my family’s photos since 2006. She has captured my family grow from the beginning. She is so amazing at everything she does from family shots to surprise parties to formal pictures at my son’s Bar Mitzvah!! She knows how to get my kids to smile -even our dog!!! She has the perfect eye to capture any moment. Not only will she capture formal moments but she is so great at getting action shots and funny family photos that you can really treasure!
Michelle Pollack

I have so many great memories and events captured so beautifully and naturally yet with such attention to detail. We have had holiday and family/extended family shoots, communion, and beach shoots and have been thrilled and amazed at the “real feel” of the photos and overall quality of her work. She truly has a knack for capturing the emotion of the moment and the personality of the subjects. And complimenting her talent, her professionalism is always on point! We are thrilled to have found this talented business owner who puts so much into her art.
Leslie Johnston

I first met Jeanne 6 years ago when she took the school photos at my daughter’s preschool. That fall I made an appointment for a family photo shoot and couldn’t have been happier. Jeanne was so professional and patient and she made a wonderful connection with my children. They adore her. She took so many amazing photos that it was hard to choose which ones to print. Her work is beautiful and she has such a great eye for what makes the perfect shot. Since then, I have done fall family photos with Jeanne every year and each year is better than the last. The photos she has taken over the years are hung throughout my house. I also use Jeanne every year for my Christmas photos of my children. Every year she does a fabulous holiday background and again she captures the best shots of my kids. It’s her photos that I use each year for my Christmas cards. I would highly recommend Jeanne to anyone that is looking for an amazing photographer.
Alicia Pavignano

Jeanne has been taking pictures of my family for over ten years now! She has captured so many beautiful moments, while allowing the personalities of my children shine through. Her pictures are true treasures that you will cherish in years to come!
Alisa Peano

We had the pleasure of starting to work with Jeanne 8 years ago when she starting taking photos of my family. She has always put me at ease, never making you feel rushed and always takes the extra time with each of the kids to get amazing photos. Our kids look forward to their annual photo session with Jeanne Paradise King and we are never disappointed! Thank you so much for capturing our family through the years.
Dayna Olstein

Jeanne took beautiful pictures of my family… she was a pleasure to work with and captured awesome shots!
Michelle Cinque

Highly recommend! Fun, sweet and can take your vision to the next level and capture amazing photos ❤
Jennifer White

Thank you so much for coming not only once but twice to take beautiful pictures for the night of junior and senior prom. The shots you sent were breathtaking and you have such a gift for what you do. You captured all of the magic that I envisioned and you put up with all of the craziness as well. You are so beyond talented and we’re really made to do what you do. Thank you for capturing all of the special moments that I will look back on and treasure forever!!! You are AMAZING and I am so lucky to have pictures like the ones you took. Thank you again for everything and hope to see you soon.
Chloe Quinn

OMG!!! WE LOVE THEM!!! You just do amazing work! I was so excited to wake up this morning to these terrific photos. what a way to to start my day! You are truly so talented… I have never loved photos so much before
Pepper Fateman

For the past two years, I have looked forward to JKP photographing my sons. I use these photos to send to family members as they turn out 1000x better than the school photographs. I love the backdrop, positioning, the quality and the overall presentation. Even my boys don’t “complain” about taking them!
Annabelle Stefanski

Jeanne captures not only the moment but the emotions along with moments you may have missed. I have taken my kids to a lot of different photography places and photographers… and no one comes even close. When I see the images, I feel extreme joy even when looking at them for the 100th time!
Traci Cecelia Palmieri

Jeanne, you have a true gift when it comes to getting kids and adults to show their true personalities in photographs. The pictures you take are always wonderfully crafted with natural light, beautiful locations and original poses. However, it is the pictures I don’t know you’re taking, that I find amazing! The picture where my husband and daughter have a tickle fight in between poses and the joy on their faces is captured forever, the picture where my husband and I steal a hug or kiss thinking you’re simply taking pictures of Grace. The pictures that capture the moments when you forget your having a photo shoot, to me are the best. Jeanne, you’re a a master of capturing moments when people forget your there and can just be themselves and that, in my opinion is the hallmark of a talented photographer.
Dina Andren

My family had pictures with Jeanne and I went home thinking it was a bust–my children were uncooperative and crabby (to say the least). When I checked my email this morning, I saw pictures that couldn’t have been from our photoshoot! To say she’s talented and patient with children is an understatement. Worth every penny!!
Kelly Vass

Jeanne helped us give the ‘perfect’ gift this summer. We were invited to a Fiftieth Anniversary celebration for a very special family member…and it was going to be a surprise party given by her sons! Family was coming from all over; many had not seen each other in quite some time. We asked Jeanne if she would be the photographer of the day’s events. She was wonderful. She blended with the activities, captured the surprise of the moment and all the fun that followed. Everyone commented on how patient she was…the FAMILY photo was huge! Each picture evoked the feelings of the day and will help the memories pass from generation to generation.
Bill & Betsy Lohrfink

Jeanne Paradise King is as creative as she is talented. Year after year she manages to capture expressions on my children’s faces that truly epitomize their personalities. She is able to adapt to and make the best of any situation and always ends up delivering pictures that are worth more than a thousand words. Thanks to Jeanne’s efforts we have photographs that encapsulate moments in time we will cherish forever!
Sara & Jon Belmont

We loved our pictures so much, Jeanne you were invisible but caught it all, people can’t say enough about the pictures. And your creativity at the barn was just spectacular they are the pictures I only hoped I would be able to have forever. We are thrilled!! Thank you so much!!!!
The Spadaros

Thank you so much for such a wonderful photoshoot for my family. You make everyone feel so at ease and relaxed and have a knack for capturing everyone so well. I especially love seeing how you capture everyone’s happiness and closeness with each other; be it with an arm around one another or a special look between siblings or parent and child. They will be special memories to cherish for many years. Thank you so very much!
Tricia McGee

AMAZING!!!! Words cannot express how much I totally LOVE the pictures!!! I couldn’t wait to get home from class to see them! I absolutely will be getting SO MANY made up – too many good ones! I love the ones of me, Leah, my mom and dad! You truly have a gift.
Linda Jordan

All of Jeanne’s pictures really do tell a story. She captures my family’s true personality every time I have used her. She is great with kids and they responded to her (and dogs too). Can’t wait to see what great ideas Jeanne will have for my Christmas cards this year. Last year’s card was a true hit due to Jeanne’s creativity.
Kelly Minervini

You did it!! =) You really captured the essence of our night… The pictures are EXACTLY what I wanted…and more. There are some really great photos in there, and we appreciate all of your hard work so much. They are just excellent. Thank you again….spectacular work!
Misty & Marcy

I just wanted to let you know that I love the pictures. They are gorgeous and look fantastic in the frames. Thanks again and I hope to use you for more pictures of Aiden in the future.
Laura Leigh

Thank you so much for the photos. I truly love them. They will always remind me of the cherished memories I’m going to keep in my heart of my dear little grandson. This is the last year that I will be babysitting for him on a regular basis. So these pictures are especially dear to me. Be well, and much success in your business.
Elaine Grausso

We just received the beautiful pictures of our little blessing! The 8×10’s turned out great! You do great work!! We really appreciate it. We’ll be in touch regarding future photos. Thanks again for everything.
Maria Dershem

We had such a great time today! Thanks for really capturing both of the girls personalities so well! The photos are amazing, it’s going to be so difficult deciding which ones to frame.
Christine Diaz

Jeanne is a fantastic photographer. She just took family photos and did an AMAZING job. My mom is suffering from terminal cancer and we wanted pictures that we could treasure forever. Jeanne captured our expressions and emotions perfectly. Not many people could do this. Now, we have such beautiful pictures for the rest of our lives.
Shari Gorlin

Jeanne did a wonderful job with our family photos. She captured some amazing moments and truly became a part of our family through her camera. Thank you so much for your talent, hard work and PATIENCE!!!
Sara Belmont

Jeanne did a fabulous job capturing the true personality of both myself and my daughter. She made me feel so comfortable that at many times I didn’t realize she was taking pictures. I felt very at ease and relaxed with her the entire time. She took several photos and they are all amazing! I am very impressed by the quality, professionalism, and courtesy of her work. Her turn around time is exceptional. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future.
Tracy Mian

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